My name is Chris McLeod and I would like to welcome you to my blog, Little to No Organization.

It got its name because many years ago I would enter ‘little to no’  in the field labeled ‘organization’ when I was required to fill out a template for a Unix .plan file in college. I thought it was funny (hey, I was 19, cut me some slack) and an apt description for how I was approaching my school work and life at the time. When .org domains became publically available in 2003, I quickly went and secured little-to-no.org out of nostalgia (and because I still think its funny.)

As for the purpose of the blog, that is to be determined. For now, I will be posting essays on various topics that cross my mind and we will see where it goes from there. A voyage of discovery as it were.

Glad you stopped by. Hope you hang around.



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